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An index of uscfsales.com ChessBase and Fritz videos for 2010/2011

A poster to a chess message board recently requested a list of the subjects of my uscfsales.com ChessBase 11 and Fritz 12/Fritz 13 chess software instructional videos on our YouTube channel. After I reflected on that for a while, I agreed that it would be a good idea to create such an index to help our chess friends find the instructions they’re seeking. So here’s a list of my videos from late 2010 through the end of 2011, along with their topics and links to them. Continue reading


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ChessBase “how to” videos

It’s been an unusual couple of days around my home office. I was going to record a few videos yesterday (to get ahead of the work) when my phone suddenly went nuts – I was answering ChessBase and Fritz questions on and off all day long (which is a good thing, other than the fact that I didn’t get a single video recorded). Continue reading

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