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Installing Fritz Powerbook 2012 chess software

Fritz Powerbook 2012 provides users of the Fritz family of chess playing programs (Fritz 13, Rybka 4, Junior 12, Hiarcs 13, and Shredder 12) with a broader range of openings than the books which come with those programs. The individual books which ship with the programs are “tuned” to maximize the strengths of a chess engine (favoring open, tactical positions, and steering away from closed positions whenever possible); on the other hand, Powerbook 2012 is based on a compilation of games played between humans, with no artificial “tuning” – therefore Fritz Powerbook users will see their chess playing engines go into lines (such as closed games or speculative gambits) that are usually avoided when the engine’s regular opening book is used. Continue reading



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ChessBase 11’s extended book display

Viewing opening books (also known as opening trees) such as Powerbook 2011 using ChessBase 11 can provide valuable information when you’re researching openings; you can bang through a series of moves and see statistics on how well (or poorly) specific moves and variations have fared in practical play. Continue reading

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