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An index of uscfsales.com ChessBase and Fritz videos for 2010/2011

A poster to a chess message board recently requested a list of the subjects of my uscfsales.com ChessBase 11 and Fritz 12/Fritz 13 chess software instructional videos on our YouTube channel. After I reflected on that for a while, I agreed that it would be a good idea to create such an index to help our chess friends find the instructions they’re seeking. So here’s a list of my videos from late 2010 through the end of 2011, along with their topics and links to them. Continue reading


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One last chance…

Last week I said that time was running out. The reason why I’m blogging a day early is because the time for you to complete your holiday shopping is now a cat’s whisker away from running out – Chanukah is this week and Christmas is this weekend – and I have some potentially helpful information for you.

We’re down to “last minute” status and you know what that means: if you find that perfect gift online and need to get it in time for the holiday, you’ll likely need to use some form of expedited shipping — two-day or overnight.

Here at uscfsales.com, we’re understand time has a bad tendency to slip away from us, and we want to help you out. That’s why this week we’re offering our BIGGEST SALE EVER – 20% off any purchase from uscfsales.com with the use of coupon code BIGSALE when you checkout an order now through Saturday December 24th, 2011 EXTENDED DATE — SATURDAY DEC. 31st, 2011! We understand that you’re likely going to have to spend extra on shipping at this point in the game, so we’d like to make things easier for you by offering the added discount. Just type BIGSALE in the “Coupon Code” box when you finalize your online order and you’ll receive 20% off the purchase price of your order (excluding shipping and taxes where applicable). Also please be aware that the code has to be entered at the time of purchase to claim your savings.

Uscfsales.com has literally thousands of chess items in our inventory: chess boards, chessmen, clocks, books, instructional videos, computer software, even t-shirts and jewelry! Please pay us a visit and take advantage of our biggest sale ever now through December 24th.

As for me, I’ll be taking the holiday off this year to spend some time with my sons (who are home for the holidays). There will be a new video this Wednesday on our YouTube video channel, but no blog post or video during the week between Christmas and New Year. I’ll be back with a new ChessBase/Fritz tip in this blog on January 3rd. Until then, Happy Holidays, stay safe, and…

Have fun! – Steve Lopez

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Time is running out…

It’s a nightmare scenario. There’s a very particular chessplayer on your holiday list, one who is very selective about his or her choice of chess clock or set, one who is nearly impossible to shop for – and time is running out! There are less than two weeks to go until Christmas and Chanukah is only a week away – what will you do???

OK, I’m being deliberately dramatic, just having fun. But the holidays are almost upon us, sneaking up behind us like a stealthy, deadly ninja, ready to strike…

All right, I’ll stop now. But this next part is no exaggeration – USCF Sales has a knowledgeable staff of professionals who are happy to answer your questions and help you find the perfect holiday chess gift for the chessplayer on your holiday list (or even for yourself, for that matter).

And because we know time is running out, we’re going to make things ever easier for you: from now until Sunday, Dec. 18, 2011, you can receive a 15% discount (excluding shipping and tax where applicable) on your next purchase from USCFSales.com – just type the coupon code CHRISTMAS in the box provided when you check out, and your order placed between now and Sunday will receive the discount plus count toward the USCF Sales MyRewards program!

So don’t be caught unaware like a drowsy teller when the holidays suddenly burst through the door like the James and Younger brothers pulling a bank job – get that shopping done with the help of our friendly, professional sales staff and a 15% discount from USCF Sales!

Have fun! – Steve

P.S. I’ll be back here soon with more Fritz & ChessBase chess software tips. In the meantime, check out my new Fritz13 video tip tomorrow on USCF Sales’ YouTube channel!

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Two new videos this week on our YouTube channel

Just a quick note today, as I’m still recovering from my recent illness. Continue reading

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