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Removing variations from games using Fritz 13 chess software

We’ve looked at various types of chess engine analysis using Fritz13, including multiple-engine chess analysis in last week’s post, all of which are features in which the chess engine can add replayable variations to a database game. You can also add your own variations to games manually using Fritz13.

But once in a while you may want to remove some variations. For example, you’re annotating a game and have finished and saved a variation, when you suddenly realize that the variation doesn’t work. Or you’ve had three or four chessplaying engines analyze a game and you’d like to remove a few superfluous variations from the gamescore. Continue reading


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Color coding chess variations in ChessBase 11

In the last couple of blog posts, we examined a number of different ChessBase 11 toggles which allow you to avoid the dreaded “wall of text” effect when you are reviewing a game containing multiple variations occurring at a single branching point: Continue reading

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Changing the position of variations in ChessBase 11

In Tuesday’s post we learned how to change the appearance of variations in ChessBase 11. You’ll recall that we ended up with the following display in the Notation pane: Continue reading

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