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Some interesting analysis output from Fritz/Rybka chess software

We’ve looked at a lot of information over the last few posts to this blog, so we’re going to take a short pause today and catch our collective breath a little bit before proceeding. Admittedly I did cover things a little backward in those past posts, as I’d first received numerous requests for information on the analysis features of the Fritz “family” of chess playing programs (Fritz, Rybka, Junior, Hiarcs, and Shredder). Partway through that short series of blog posts, I began to receive requests on game input (how to add your personal games to a database). So that’s why we discussed analysis first and game input second. Continue reading


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Post-analysis evaluation profiles in Fritz/Rybka

In Tuesday’s post, I hinted at today’s subject for this blog: using the evaluation profile after a game analysis in the Fritz “family” of chess playing programs (Fritz, Rybka, Junior, Hiarcs, & Shredder). Back in the day, the only way to generate an evaluation profile was by playing a game against a chess engine. But somewhere along the way (I’m not sure of the exact version), a feature was added which allows you to create a modified evaluation profile by running a “blundercheck” game analysis. This later form of evaluation profile is what we’re going to look at today. Continue reading

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