USCF Sales is The Official Chess Shop of the United States Chess Federation, serving the needs of chess players since 1939. To address the equipment needs of all Chess players, The US Chess Federation is proud to offer USCFSales.com. With thousands of different products, USCF Sales offers the widest variety of Chess equipment at reasonable prices. No matter what you’re looking for, whether it’s Chess pieces, Chess books, Chess software, or Chess computers, you’ll find it at USCF Sales.

All purchases from USCF Sales directly support the United States Chess Federation and it’s mission to promote the game of Chess. The United States Chess Federation thanks all of our customers, members and non-members, for their many years of support and we look forward to continuing to serve the Chess world for many years to come.

USCF Sales offers books, videos, DVDs, software, and other resources for all your chess needs.  Along with chessmen, from finely crafted figurines to plastic travel kits, we have a wide variety of chess pieces,  boards, clocks, computers, tournament resources, magazines, along with wholesale priced items for Chess Clubs and schools.

Steve Lopez, author of our blog posts, has been the authority on ChessBase/Fritz software for nearly two decades.  Steve is one of the most prolific chess writers in history; his credits include over a thousand articles on chess software, chess history/personalities, and game analysis, plus several chess books in electronic format (including the best-selling CD Guide to Computer Chess). Since 2009, Steve has branched out into video production, with more than a hundred Internet videos on chess software and chess game replays/analysis already to his credit.


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