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How to get Fritz13 to explain all the moves in a chess position

A typical chess position can contain a couple of dozen (or more!) legal moves, and a beginning player often can become overwhelmed by the possibilities, neither knowing nor understanding the point of a particular candidate move. Likewise, every chess player (regardless of their level of experience) should look at a move his or her opponent has made and always immediately ask, “Now why did he play that?”

It’s not always easy to understand the point of a particular move, whether one is a beginner or a grizzled veteran – heck, I’ve been playing for many years and I still often find myself wondering why a particular move was played. The Fritz family of playing programs (Fritz, Hiarcs, Junior, Shredder, and Rybka), chess playing software which is available from, contains a feature which can help point you in the right direction when you’re trying to figure out the reason behind a particular move, a feature called (not surprisingly) “Explain all moves”. Continue reading


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How to use the chess Mega Database with ChessBase and Fritz

The new Mega Database 2012 for ChessBase 11 and the Fritz family of playing programs (Fritz, Hiarcs, Junior, Shredder, and Rybka) is here! The ChessBase company updates their master database annually to include new games played over the previous year, as well as to add historical games which have recently been unearthed. The latest version of the database contains 5,154,657 games (an increase of 357,739 games over the 2011 version), as well as 700 tournament crosstables and reports, and an updated Player Encyclopedia for use in ChessBase 11. Among Mega Database 2012’s treasures are more than 78,000 games annotated by titled players.

Over the years, I’ve sometimes heard players say, “Why do I need millions of games? I’ll never play through all of them anyway!” Gee, I don’t know – why do you need a local library? You’re never going to read all of those books. Comments like these illustrate vividly that the point has been missed. A database of five million games (or any chess database of any size, for that matter) is just like a library – you’ll never use everything that’s in it, but what you will use is there for you whenever you want it. Let me show you what I mean with a simple chess example… Continue reading

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Installing Fritz Powerbook 2012 chess software

Fritz Powerbook 2012 provides users of the Fritz family of chess playing programs (Fritz 13, Rybka 4, Junior 12, Hiarcs 13, and Shredder 12) with a broader range of openings than the books which come with those programs. The individual books which ship with the programs are “tuned” to maximize the strengths of a chess engine (favoring open, tactical positions, and steering away from closed positions whenever possible); on the other hand, Powerbook 2012 is based on a compilation of games played between humans, with no artificial “tuning” – therefore Fritz Powerbook users will see their chess playing engines go into lines (such as closed games or speculative gambits) that are usually avoided when the engine’s regular opening book is used. Continue reading


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Fritz13 “Let’s Check” chess software – writing and submitting chess position commentary

One might think that all of the new “Let’s Check” features of the Fritz13 chess playing program revolve around positional analysis generated only by chess engines, but that’s definitely not the case. Fritz13 users can contribute written textual positional analysis, too – and that’s what we’ll learn about in today’s blog post. Continue reading

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An index of ChessBase and Fritz videos for 2010/2011

A poster to a chess message board recently requested a list of the subjects of my ChessBase 11 and Fritz 12/Fritz 13 chess software instructional videos on our YouTube channel. After I reflected on that for a while, I agreed that it would be a good idea to create such an index to help our chess friends find the instructions they’re seeking. So here’s a list of my videos from late 2010 through the end of 2011, along with their topics and links to them. Continue reading

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