Announcing the USCF Sales “MyRewards” program!

Everyone here at USCF Sales appreciates the chance to help you find the chess products and equipment you need to help you become a better chessplayer, whether those items are books, videos, chess database or playing software, clocks, boards and chessmen – whatever your chess requirements, we’re happy to help. We all like to take this opportunity to say a collective “Thank you!” for your patronage. And to show our appreciation for your repeated business, USCF Sales is pleased to announce our new customer loyalty program, called MyRewards.

It’s pretty simple – every purchase you make from USCF Sales earns you reward points which you can apply to future purchases from us. All you need to do is create an account at (if you haven’t already done so) and you’ll start earning reward points based on your total purchase amount, points which can be saved up over time or applied to your very next purchase – it’s up to you as to when and how you’d like to redeem your MyRewards points.

You’ll find full details on the USCF Sales MyRewards program here on our website. Sign up today to take advantage of the MyRewards program.

And thanks again for being a USCF Sales customer!

Have fun! – Steve



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