New Fritz13 chess playing and analysis software

Fritz13 is here! The long-awaited chess playing and chess analysis software is at USCFSales right now. The program includes the new Fritz13 engine, plus exciting new features to enhance your chess analysis experience.

Many of the new features apply the concept of distributed computing: using multiple computers to solve a problem (in this case, the analysis of chess positions). We’ll talk more about distributed computing as it applies to Fritz in a later blog post. The short version is that you can use the new “Let’s Check” feature to have Fritz13 (or any other chess engine which will run in the Fritz13 interface, a list which includes the current versions of Rybka, Hiarcs, Junior, and Shredder) analyze a position and then automatically upload that analysis to a central server, from which it can be accessed by other Fritz13 users worldwide. If you’re the first user to analyze a position to a great depth, your Playchess user name (as well as your real name, if you wish) is permanently attached to that position, no matter how many other users analyze it. This is known as “discovering” a position:

Fritz13 chess playing computer software program DVD from

Click on the picture for a larger view

Chessboard displays show the current “hot” position (one which multiple users are presently analyzing, shown on the left in the illustration below), as well as the latest “discovered” position (the chessboard on the right):

Fritz13 chess playing computer software program DVD from

Users can score points for discovering positions, and for analyzing positions to great depth – and the more often the position has been previously viewed by users, the more points are scored. Users and their points are ranked in a freely accessible “standings board”:

Fritz13 chess playing computer software program DVD from

Specialized displays allow you to access both your local opening book (such as PowerBook 2011, by clicking on the “Openings book” tab) or the ongoing analysis tree being built by users worldwide using the new “Let’s check” feature (accessible by clicking on the “LiveBook” tab):

Fritz13 chess playing computer software program DVD from

And you’ll be able to use this worldwide pool of analysis when analyzing your own games as well.

I’ve been using Fritz13 and its “Let’s Check” pretty intensively for about 24 hours now, and I’m really enjoying this cool new feature. I’ve become the “discoverer” of a few dozen positions, plus I’ve already found some interesting new analysis submitted by other users, analysis which pertains to the offbeat and unorthodox openings I play.

We’ll have an in-depth look at Fritz13’s “Let’s Check” features in future posts to this blog, and I think you’ll be pretty intrigued by its possibilities.

Fritz13 is available right now at By the way, if you have a Facebook account and “Like” our brand-new Facebook chess shop, you can save 10% off of your purchase.

Have fun! – Steve Lopez

Chessplayers who have purchased their ChessBase brand chess computer software from USCFSales can receive free technical support and advice on their purchases straight from me; just shoot me an e-mail (, but please remember to include the USCFSales order number from your ChessBase software purchase. – Steve

Copyright 2011, Steven A. Lopez. All rights reserved.


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