ChessBase 11 – Printing gamescores with color diagrams

I’ve recently been talking to a couple of ChessBase 11 users who are either printing gamescores for their own use or writing/editing outside texts (e.g. chess books). The subject of colored arrows and squares has come up in both cases: “Is it possible to print diagrams containing the graphic commentary?”

The answer is “yes” and here’s how to do it…

First of all, you need to add graphic commentary to a game (as described in a previous post). Then you need to mark that position at a place at which you want a diagram to appear in the printed gamescore. In the Notation pane, you’ll right-click on the move containing the colored arrows/squares and select the “Insert diagram” command from the pop-up menu:

You’ll see a new symbol appear in the gamescore, namely a bracketed pound sign: “{#}”. This signifies that ChessBase 11 will print a diagram at that point in the game:

Be sure to use the “Replace game” command (from the Application menu – the round button in the screen’s upper left-hand corner) if you want to save these changes.

Next go to the Application menu, select “Print”, and then “Page setup”:

A new dialogue will appear center screen; click the “Print diagram” tab in this dialogue:

To get the colored arrows and squares to appear in the diagram, click the box beside “Colours and arrows” to put a check in it.

You’ll also need to have “Board on screen” selected under “Style” to be able to print the colored arrows and squares. Click the “OK” button after you’ve made your selection.

Next you’ll print the game. Go back to the Application menu, then go to “Print”, and select “Print game” from the submenu:

You’ll see a “Print Preview” screen appear, showing you what your printed page will look like.

Here’s an example. My on-screen chessboard is currently set for the blue and white color scheme which we use for the daily chess problem posted on, so that’s what I’d get with that color scheme as my on-screen board:

For a better contrast, I can right-click on the chessboard, select “Board design”, and change the color of the dark squares to a dark grey. Then I would have this as my print preview:

Note that you won’t get those diagonal lines across the dark squares on your printout; they only appear in the print preview display. I printed the game to a PDF file and took a screen shot so I could show you what the actual printout looks like:

…which is a much “cleaner” look than the print preview shown earlier.

When you’re ready to print, just click the “Print” button from the ribbon in the “Print preview” screen.

Have fun! – Steve Lopez

Chessplayers who have purchased their ChessBase brand software from USCFSales can receive free technical support and advice on their purchases straight from me; just shoot me an e-mail (, but please remember to include the USCF Sales order number from your ChessBase software purchase. – Steve

Copyright 2011, Steven A. Lopez. All rights reserved.


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