Two new videos this week on our YouTube channel

Just a quick note today, as I’m still recovering from my recent illness.

We have two new videos available this week on our USCFSales YouTube channel. All of the videos on our channel so far demonstrate various search functions in ChessBase 11. This week’s videos specifically show how to search for pawn promotions (Video #22) and underpromotions (Video #23). The latter is especially interesting, as I was able to find a really unique endgame in which every White piece on the board (except one pawn) participates in the checkmate!

Have fun! – Steve Lopez

Chessplayers who have purchased their ChessBase brand software from USCFSales can receive free technical support and advice on their purchases straight from me; just shoot me an e-mail (, but please remember to include the USCF Sales order number from your ChessBase software purchase. – Steve

Copyright 2011, Steven A. Lopez. All rights reserved.


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