Multi-database searches in ChessBase 11

I’m often asked whether it’s possible to search more than one database at a time in ChessBase 11; I’m happy to report that the answer is an emphatic “YES!”

Let’s illustrate the procedure with an example (which, by the way, will tie in to our next blog post this coming Tuesday). Fire up ChessBase 11 and, in the main database desktop screen, click the “Home” menu and then the “Board” button which is displayed in that ribbon. This will open a new chessboard window. For this example, we’ll be searching for games in the 3…Bf5 variation of the Caro-Kann Advance Variation. We’ll make the following moves on the board:

1.e4 c6 2.d4 d5 3.e5 Bf5

…which brings us to the position for which we want to do a search.

Now, without closing this board window, we’ll go back to the ChessBase database desktop. You’ll find a button for it on your Windows Taskbar (the button says simply “ChessBase 11”). You can also ALT-TAB to shuffle through your computer’s various running programs, applications, and windows to get to it.

When you’ve reopened the database desktop, hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard and single left-click each database you wish to include in the search. I’ll be searching three databases in our example: Mega Database 2011, the ChessBase Opening Encyclopedia, and the Correspondence Database:

Click the pic for a larger view

After selecting the databases to be searched, right-click on any of the highlighted databases and select “Search” from the popup menu to bring up the Search mask. Click the Search mask’s “Position” tab to go to the “blank” board which lets you define the position to be searched for:

Click the pic for a larger view

(Note, by the way, that the databases selected as part of the search are listed in the blue title bar of the Search mask.)

You’ll recall that we want to search for the position after the first three moves of the Caro-Kann Advance, and that we’ve already made these moves in a separate board window (which we’ve left open). This enables the use of a really handy shortcut: the “Copy Board” button (located just to the lower right of the blank chessboard). Clicking “Copy board” will copy the position from the open board window to the blank board here under the “Position” tab of the Search mask:

Click the pic for a larger view

Click “OK” to start the search. ChessBase 11 will search each of the selected databases to locate all games in which this position occurred, displaying them in a Search results window:

Click the pic for a larger view

You’ll be able to track the search’s progress by looking at the progress bar in the screen’s lower right corner:

So now that we’ve found these games, what do we do with them? I’ll show you an excellent starting place in the next blog post. Until then…

Have fun! – Steve Lopez

Chessplayers who have purchased their ChessBase brand software from USCFSales can receive free technical support and advice on their purchases straight from me; just shoot me an e-mail (, but please remember to include the USCF Sales order number from your ChessBase software purchase. – Steve

Copyright 2011, Steven A. Lopez. All rights reserved.


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