Using ChessBase and ChessBase Light to view ChessBase/Fritz training disks

In our previous blog post we learned how to view the instructional videos on FritzTrainer DVDs using the Fritz chessplaying program. This time around we’re going to learn how to do it in ChessBase and ChessBase Light (the latter, by the way, is furnished on each FritzTrainer DVD. But if you already have ChessBase 10 or 11 installed on your computer, you don’t need to install ChessBase Light).

The procedure for getting to the video content is far easier in CB and CB Light than in Fritz. This is because ChessBase allows you to open multiple databases at a time, thus the interface allows easy simultaneous access to multiple drives and databases.

The first (obvious) step is to put your FritzTrainer DVD in your computer’s disk drive. If/when the Autoplay popup appears, cancel out of it. Then launch ChessBase (or ChessBase Light, whichever you’re using). The first screen you’ll see is your database desktop:

Click to enlarge the picture

The left-hand pane of this screen allows you to easily go to any drive on your computer. Click the “plus sign” to the left of the word “Computer” to expand the view and show all of the drives on your machine:

You’ll see an entry displaying a short version of the name of the FritzTrainer DVD and the letter of your DVD drive. I’ve put the first volume of ChessBase’s new Opening Tutorials series into my DVD drive, so I’m seeing the entry “Tutorials (E:)”. So I’ll single-click on that entry:

…and, after I do, I see the contents of the DVD appear in the upper right-hand pane:

Click to enlarge the picture

On the far right there’s an icon for the database containing the instructional videos (OpeningTutorials1.cbh). The name of the database will vary, obviously, between different FritzTrainer DVDs, but what you’re looking for is an icon for a ChessBase format database, not the icons for folders.

Double-clicking on the database’s icon will open the game list for that database in a new window. Click the “Text” tab at the top of the game list and you’ll see this view:

Click to enlarge the picture

As we discussed in our previous blog post, this is a “table of contents” for the videos on the DVD. The photos on the right-hand side aren’t decorative – they’re links to the video content. Just click on a photo to start the video. A new window will open and display the video, as well as showing a chessboard which moves automatically to follow along with the instructor’s commentary:

Click to enlarge the picture

Once the video is running, you don’t need to do a thing except sit back, watch, listen, and learn.

As always, when you’ve finished watching a video lesson you can close the game window by clicking the “X” in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

Just a reminder: USCFSales carries the complete (and extensive) line of FritzTrainer instructional DVDs for players of all experience levels.

Have fun! – Steve Lopez

Copyright 2011, Steven A. Lopez. All rights reserved.


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